Online Metronome


What is metronome?

A metronome is device that produces knock sound in regular interval (beats per minute - BPM). We can still get in touch with mechanical metronome of triangular shape with pendulum and adjustable weights. The first manufacturer of the metronome was Jan Nepomuk Mälzel, who built it for the purposes of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven [1].

Nowasays, we can see many various types of electronic and digital metronoms, which are easy to use and offer many advanced functions like volume change, different types of knocks or a virtual pendulum display.

Tempo indicators

Grave slow and solemn 20-40 BPM
Lento slowly 40–45 BPM
Largo broadly 45–50 BPM
Adagio slow and stately 55–65 BPM
Adagietto rather slow 65–69 BPM
Andante at a walking pace 73–77 BPM
Moderato moderately 86–97 BPM
Allegretto moderately fast 98–109 BPM
Allegro fast, quickly and bright 109–132 BPM
Vivace lively and fast 132–140 BPM
Presto extremely fast 168–177 BPM
Prestissimo even faster than Presto 178 BPM and more